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Make up

                                                     Winged eyeliner tutorial


 Winged eyeliner tutorial
Winged eyeliner tutorial is perfect who would like to have dramatic eye make up and get the attention to their eyes. Marilyn Monroe used to have winged eyeliner for her famous make up style, also Megan fox is one of the celebrity who use winged eyes. Start from top of the right hand sight photos for tutorial. It will be nice to use very light eye shadow (colour should be similar to your skin colour).
Finish your eyeliner with strong mascara which is I recommend Loreal, Mac or LancĂ´me.

                                                           Eye make up tutorial


 Perfect eye make up tutorial for night out

This eye make up tutorial perfect for night out. You can change eye shadow colour we used in this tutorial but you must follow the same step on the photo. You nee very thick eyeliner and also couple of brush for apply eye shadow in right area in eyelid. You need to use very light colour in eyelid. You must finish with strong black mascara.

                                          Eye make up tutorial for romantic look

 Perfect make up tutorial for romantic look

This make up tutorial is perfect, specially if you will use any pink, white or similar colours dress. To start this tutorial you need very light pink colour to use as a base. You can use a very thin brush to make the wing  after applying  darker colour on the corner. You can apply white colour eye shadow  under your eyebrow if you want to make it more visible, also if you have thin eyebrow, you can fill your eyebrow as well. Finish your tutorial with black mascara.


                                                                          Pink dream
Pink dream is perfect for who wants to have soft cat eyes. You only need to use light pink eye shadow as a base and use black kohl pencil or very dark eye shadow on the edge of your eye. Mascara will be finishing  touch for your pink dream eye make up.
Hot wine red
Revlon's "Wine Not" ($6.99 at drugstores) (£7.49 at superdrug) is a perfect dupe for Mac's "Fixed on Drama" ($16 at Mac)  (£15.50 at Mac)
                                                    How to Contour and highlight face

 How to Contour and Highlight Face
How to contour face is one of the secret, make up artist starting to share with us. You can see many ideas and photos for how to counter your face. The main point is, depend on your face you put dark colour the area you want to hide and  bright colour on the area you want to highlight. I am sharing one of the method which is I also use. It is working for me, I hope you will like it as well.

                                           Step by step smoky eye makeup tutorial
                                             Bronze make up tutorial with pictures to follow

Bronze make up tutorial with pictures to follow

Bronze make up tutorial perfect for summer days or if you will use any gold or metallic dress. You can use different metallic eye shadow colours to follow same step. The good mascara  and eye lash curlier will be perfect finishing touch.



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