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                        9 Beauty tips you should be doing every morning

1-)Use an antioxidant serum

2-)Vitamin C Collagen Booster (use after washing your face before you start your day)

3-)Eat some protein (start your morning with egg instead of bread or bagel

4-)Use sunscreen (even in winter)

5-)Drink a big glass of water
6-)Move your body (do 5 minutes workout every morning)
7-)Choose a fragrance with citrus (can reduce stress)
8-)Mist your face (keep the mineral water in your fridge and splash to your face )
9-)Drink green tea

                                                     Perfumes with pheromones
1-) Tom ford black orchid
2-) Chanel coco mademoiselle
3-) Christian Dior addict
4-) Yves Saint Laurent opium

5-) Prada prada 

6-) Caroline Herra 212 sexy

7-) CK europhіa

8-) Gucci ruѕh
9-) Cacharel amour amour
10-) Chanеl сhanсe
11-) Victоr rоlf flower bomb
Beauty tool diy ideas

1-) If your mascara is dried, use drop of castor oil in your mascara. Your mascara will work like a new and it will help your eyelash grow or put your eyeliner in a hot water and apply 5 minutes later.

2-)To clean your makeup brushes. (a tablespoon of white vinegar in a cup of hot water, and a 20 minute soak, followed by a hot, then cold rinse and pat dry will do it. Disinfects, dissolves grease/makeup, leaves no film, and inexpensive.)

3-)If you have loose eye shadow pigments that you're obsessed with and want to wear as a lip shade, blend it with a little bit of a salve, like VMV Hypoallergenics Boo-Boo Balm, or petroleum jelly in a spoon and swipe it onto your lips.

4-)Turn eye pencil to gel formula: Hold your black, green, burgundy, etc., kohl eye pencil (which typically creates a thin, harder-to-apply line), under the flame for one second, let it cool for 15 seconds, and then watch the consistency change right before your eyes. Finally, glide on your newly made gel liner.

                       Best anti-aging foods

1. Grapes

2. Strawberries, cranberries, raspberries and blueberries

3. Tomatoes

4. Avocado

5. Cabbage

6. Cucumber

7. Pomegranate

8. Oregano

9. Broccoli

10. Spinach

11. Onion

12. Carrots

13. Raisins

14. Coconut

                                           Homemade blackhead  remover mask

This is a recipe on how to make your own blackhead strips that you can use just on your nose, like you would a Biore strip, or you can do it to your whole face which and it will leave your skin as smooth as ever and you’ll feel amazing.

Here is the recipe and guide

Mix 1 teaspoon knox unflavored gelatin (make sure you get unflavored!) with 1 1/2 – 2 teaspoon of milk (depends on your preference!) in a plastic cup or something you can throw away after.

Microwave concoction for 10-15 seconds and apply to face immediately (it hardens quickly!)

If you don’t have a microwave, you can always heat up the milk in a pot beforehand and then add it to the gelatin.

Apply with wood spoon to your face

Wait till the mixture on your face has dried completely and then peel off!

If you have peach fuzz it may pull on it and it might hurt little bit hurt. Avoid those areas like around your ear and hair line and what not if you don’t want to experience that. Your skin will feel flawless.

I hope you guys all like it!

                                               Deep cleansing with carbonated water

As many of us know mineral water has many benefits and when it mixed with carbonated water the result are great for reduce dullness and cleansing.

After using this method, your skin should look brighter, nicer and your face less bloated. Your skin will might feel hot while doing it because carbonated water helps improve blood circulation.

The only ingredient you’ll need is 100% mineral carbonated water (fizz water). Water must not contain any artificial scent, food colouring or anything. It must be 100% pure water.

This great deep cleansing method gets rid of dust/oil in your pores and gives you a nicer complexion.

 If you will apply weekly:
 Once a week, fill a bowl with carbonated water and mineral water 1:1 proportion, and soak your face in it for 10~20 seconds, no more. Do not rinse. This will deep cleanses your pores and skin.
Oily skins can do it twice a week, dry and sensitive skin only once a week.

.If you will apply daily:
Every day, after cleansing, pour a little bit of carbonated water on a cotton ball and gently press it all over your face. Do not rinse.

You should see results within a month but only if you will use this method every day & every week.


                                                Weekly beauty routines to follow


                                                  Weekly beauty routines to follow

At last make a peeling for 2 times a week

Use petroleum jelly for nails

Use oil and egg mask to have stronger hair

Have a sea salt or Epsom salt bath to detox your body

Clean your face every day and after peeling apply the moisturizer

Rub your lips with olive oil and sugar to remove dead cells

                                                             The perfect braid waves

                                                        The perfect braid waves

 This is the easiest way for the braid waves and if you fix with any hair mousse before you braid your hair, you can use this all day long. Braid your hair, then heat it up by pressing a flat iron over it to make imperfect waves.


                                                                Dead sea mask


                                                                         Dead sea mud mask
Dead sea mud mask is one of the beauty tools we can use. All we know, sea is always good for our skin and dead see mud is one of the option we can bring this to our home. Dead sea mud contain 21 minerals will benefit our skin. You can find many dead sea musk in shops but make sure you get the organic dead sea musk or try to get one from specific health shops. Enjoy your ocean breeze in your home comfort.
                                   Honey, cinnamon and nutmeg mask

It is so simple and effective. Mix cinnamon, nutmeg and honey in same amount, to make sure can cover your face except the eye area. Leave for 10 minutes and wash your face with warm water. If you see redness, calm your face with moisturizer.
                                                  You need just 7 days for  onion miracle
                                          You need just 7 days for  onion miracle
I know sound is similar with many diet program or beauty regime but this is working. It is not pleasant but take a photo of your face in the beginning and after 7 days as well. I am talking about onion water you will drink for 7 days in the morning before eating anything else and you will see the difference. You need to follow bellow exact simple step and finish in 7 days. Onion is a very strong anti-oxidant and it is not advisable to carry on more than 7 days. We can also call this home detox and instead of going expensive detox programme you will be able to do this at home and with little bit effort. It is not suitable for pregnant ladies and also who has allergies for onion.
Onion water recipe and guide:
Have one middle size onion (yellow one)
Break the onion with your hand. If your hand is not strong like mine put the onion in clean bag and smash with something strong (do not use knife because vitamin should stay fresh)
Put the onion in glass jar, pour the one glass of very hot water
Close the jar and leave for all night
In the morning pour this water in glass and drink before eating anything else
Make sure you will have some bread or other pastry you like to eat after drinking onion water to keep your stomach okay. You can hold your noise if you don’t like the onion smell and you do not need to worry if you think your breath will have onion smell because you won't feel  any smell rest of the day.
                                                                Tea eye mask
Tea eye mask perfect for tired or irritated eyes. Put the tea bag in hot water and leave for a minute. Take tea bag from hot water and squeeze the water from tea bag. Get comfortable and put the tea bags on your eyes. Leave for 5 or 10 minutes. You will feel the difference immediately. It is so simple and effective. Enjoy!
You can use below tea types
Black tea
Mint tea
Early grey
Camomile tea
                                                                       Yogurt mask
Yogurt is super loaded with vitamins and minerals that nourish and revitalize withered skin. If you have acne prone skin, use yogurt face masks to banish those pesky pimples. Yogurt is a great ingredient for getting rid acne naturally, as it contains anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, as well as alpha hydroxyl acids that kill acne causing bacteria. To have maximum benefit, use yogurt as plain and apply all your face (avoid eye area).
                                                           Hair mask recipe
Mix a tea spoon of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of glycerine (you can find from any pharmacy). Mix the ingredients until smooth. Mix in a beaten egg. Mix well. Add 2 Tablespoons of caster oil. Thoroughly mix. Apply the mask on the entire length of the hair. Place the plastic cap and wrap your head with a towel. Leave the mask on your hair for 2 hours than wash your hair using shampoo. Do the  mask  2 times a week. Do this for 1 month to see result.
                                                                Home spa
                                                                  Honey Miracles
                                                            Honey miracles
Honey is one of nature’s miracles. It is a delicious ingredient in many foods, has antibacterial properties, works as a humectant (keeps things moist), soothes a cough or sore throat, and makes your tea about 1,000 better-and that’s just scratching the surface really. Whether you’re using.
5 Homemade Healing Honey Infusions for a healthy Life - Lemon-Honey, Cinnamon-honey, Ginger-honey, Clove-honey, Apple Cider Vinegar honey.
                                   How to Contour and highlight face

                                                    How to Contour and Highlight Face
How to contour face is one of the secret, make up artist starting to share with us. You can see many ideas and photos for how to counter your face. The main point is, depend on your face you put dark colour the area you want to hide and  bright colour on the area you want to highlight. I am sharing one of the method which is I also use. It is working for me, I hope you will like it as well.
                                                         Longer beautiful eyelashes
                                                                   Longer eyelashes
What you need, wash an old mascara or nail polish container and fill with: 1/4 of the container with Castor Oil 1/2 Vitamin E Oil 1/4 Aloe Vera Gel Mix the concoction together as well as you can with your mascara wand, and apply a light layer to lashes (or brows!) every night before bed. Castor oil thickens your lashes while aloe vera gel lengthens. Vitamin E accelerates length. After one month, you’ll notice stronger, longer, more beautiful eyelashes.
                                                                    Oils for hair
                                                                      Oils for hair
Do never scare to mix oils to use your hair. Olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, all this oils have different benefit for your hair. Unless you have a allergy you also can add below extras. You will see the benefit in just couple of months.
Also you can add below in your oil hair mask
  • Vitamin e capsule (you need to open the capsule and drop the liquid in the mask)
  • Bepanthen capsule (you need to open the capsule and drop the liquid in the mask-I only find this capsules in Turkey)

                                               Detox bath with epsom salt or sea salt

A detox bath is one of the easiest healing therapies we can do to facilitate our body’s natural detoxification system. In today’s post I am going to tell you why you want to take a detox bath as well as show you how.
There is no doubt in this day and age, our bodies are subject to more toxins than ever. Toxins are in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the medications we take and in the water we drink. Toxins cause irritation, harm and destruction in the body if left unchecked. Detoxification is the body’s way of removing and metabolizing these dangerous compounds. It is a process the body does naturally without us even knowing it. However, the capacity of the body’s detoxification process is not endless.
A detox bath encourages the body to efficiently flush out toxins.
Our toxic burden is a result of the toxins we are exposed to and our body’s ability to naturally detox. The more toxins we are exposed to, the harder the body has to work at eliminating these toxins. The list of toxins that could potentially harm our bodies is almost endless; many start their day with a hot shower, the water is contaminated with pollutants, the soap and shampoo is full of chemicals, the toothpaste has fluoride, from there we may have breakfast where the food has been treated with pesticides and genetically modified. We haven’t even left our house, yet we have been exposed to toxins that can potentially cause ill-health. While it is impossible to abolish our exposure to all toxins, we can reduce unnecessary exposure as well as improve our body’s efficiency and ability to eliminate them.
When we take a detox bath, we not only boost our health and well-being, but also strengthen our immune system and prevent disease
                                                             Apple vinegar benefits


Vinegar removes calluses, corns, age spots, warts, toenail fungus, athletes feet & softens skin

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits and Cures for Weight Loss and Better Health. If you are into weight loss, apple cider vinegar might help. Apple cider vinegar is an overwhelmingly underestimated product in the markets of health care and weight loss.

Natural Benefits: Apple vinegar and aspirin is a one-two exfoliating punch to clear acne scars and smooth bumpy, dry skin. Use daily for a softer, brighter complexion. If you have delicate skin, use this sparingly.

Apple Cider Vinegar For Hair, don't forget to wash out.

1 cup of peppermint or spearmint tea, some honey and tsp of apple cider vinegar (anti-inflammatory), and a tsp of cinnamon, (helps fight viruses and bacteria)

                                                                   Baby oil

                                                                 Baby oil for adults

You can use baby oil to remove your eye make up, your general make up, for your nail, for your body to moisturize. Also you can mix with olive oil to use as a hair mask.  


There are many health benefits of lemons that have been known for centuries. The two biggest are lemons’ strong antibacterial, antiviral, and immune-boosting powers and their use as a weight loss aid because lemon juice is a digestive aid and liver cleanser. Lemons contain many substances--notably citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, pectin, and limonene--that promote immunity and fight infection.

These are well-known health facts about lemons. But there’s so much more to this little yellow fruit. Here are 15 that I’ll bet you didn’t know. Whether you use them in the form of juice, teas, drinks, dressing, poultices or in the bath, take advantage of lemons’ natural healing power


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