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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Bruschetta in 5 minutes at home/ en basit kanepe tarifiniz

The easiest bruschetta recipe/ en basit kanepe tarifiniz.(resimlere bakiniz)

This bruschetta is perfect for breakfast, as a snack or as a starter and it will take only 5 min to do. I hope you will enjoy your lovely bruschetta. Please see the recipe in bellow. Also recipe has available in Turkish language

Cheese, salami, tomatoes, any vegie you like or smoke salmon/peynir/salam.sucuk.domates
chopped garlic/ezilmis sarimsak
Olive oil/zeytin yagi

How to make

Cut your baguette in medium slice ( not to thin or thick)/ ekmegi ince bir sekilde kesin
Use your toast machine for an very easy option for toasting the baguette or use your oven to toast the  baguette ( please the slice in the oven tray)/ekmekleri kizartin
Once your baguette is toasted. Take a small bowl to mix olive oil, garlic and oregano, tiny bit salt
Once your mix is ready get your toasted baguette to apply mix on top of it/sarimsagi, zeytinyagini, ve keikigi cok az tuzla karistirin
For last decorate your baguette with your cheese, salami, tomato and any other ingredients you like
Use your imagination to decorate your bruschetta. Enjoy :)!/ ustunu istediiginiz gibi susleyin. Afiyet olsun :)!


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