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Thursday, November 27, 2014

You need just 7 days for onion miracle

                                          You need just 7 days for  onion miracle

I know sound is similar with many diet program or beauty regime but this is working. It is not pleasant but take a photo of your face in the beginning and after 7 days as well. I am talking about onion water you will drink for 7 days in the morning before eating anything else and you will see the difference. You need to follow bellow exact simple step and finish in 7 days. Onion is a very strong anti-oxidant and it is not advisable to carry on more than 7 days. We can also call this home detox and instead of going expensive detox programme you will be able to do this at home and with little bit effort. It is not suitable for pregnant ladies and also who has allergies for onion.
Onion water recipe and guide:
Have one middle size onion (yellow one)
Break the onion with your hand. If your hand is not strong like mine put the onion in clean bag and smash with something strong (do not use knife because vitamin should stay fresh)
Put the onion in glass jar, pour the one glass of very hot water
Close the jar and leave for all night
In the morning pour this water in glass and drink before eating anything else

Make sure you will have some bread or other pastry you like to eat after drinking onion water to keep your stomach okay. You can hold your noise if you don’t like the onion smell and you do not need to worry if you think your breath will have onion smell because you won't feel  any smell rest of the day.

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