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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Homemade baklava recipe

How to make homemade baklava

Make a 10 small dough and open each of them with a wood roll (layers need to be very thin) or easy option you can buy baklava yufka from Turkish market  (there is many in UK ).  Granulated pistachios or any nuts depends on your taste. Bring your tray out and set your oven to 200° C/ 395° F. Butter inside the tray or use baking paper, put first 5 layer or yufka than top of it add the nuts all around the top. Follow same step till layers is finished. Don’t put any nut on top of the last layers. Start to cut to baklava in box shape. Melt down 200gr butter in heat and pour in all over top of the baklava. Put the baklava in pre heat oven and once it coloured like a caramel, take it out. While baklava is getting cold, put the 5 glass of water and 4 glass of sugar, also 1 drop of lemon. Mix sugar, water and lemon till boiled. Once baklava is cold serbet (sugar water, syrup is boiled) is boiled, pour all over the baklava. Wait just for 10 minutes and your home made baklava is ready. See my homemade baklava photos.

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