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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Apple vinegar benefits

Vinegar removes calluses, corns, age spots, warts, toenail fungus, athletes feet & softens skin

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits and Cures for Weight Loss and Better Health. If you are into weight loss, apple cider vinegar might help. Apple cider vinegar is an overwhelmingly underestimated product in the markets of health care and weight loss.

Natural Benefits: Apple vinegar and aspirin is a one-two exfoliating punch to clear acne scars and smooth bumpy, dry skin. Use daily for a softer, brighter complexion. If you have delicate skin, use this sparingly.

Apple Cider Vinegar For Hair, don't forget to wash out.

1 cup of peppermint or spearmint tea, some honey and tsp of apple cider vinegar (anti-inflammatory), and a tsp of cinnamon, (helps fight viruses and bacteria)

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